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Boinx FotoMagico

Slideshow software for professional photographers

  * Let you ideas fly
  * Provide an audioguide
  * Tell your story
  * Present your project
  * Create a documentary

Platform: Macintosh


Boinx FotoMagico is slideshow software for professional photographers.

Turn your pictures and movies into a story with a few simple clicks and present it live in high resolution, share it as Standalone Player, on your website, as a screen saver, or burn it to DVD.


  • New transitions
    Blinds, Flash, Pixelate, Broken TV) and new options for some existing transitions (Fade, Flip)
  • iMediaBrowser 2
    Accessing media libraries is now easier than ever before. FotoMagico's developer, Peter Baumgartner, has been a major contributor to the open source iMediaBrowser 2 framework enabling access to Aperture, Lightroom, iPhoto and Flickr
  • Multiple Audio Tracks
    FotoMagico 3.0 now has three dedicated audio tracks: Music, Sound Effects, and Narration. Drag audio files and clips directly to the desired track, then set appropriate audio options like locked timing and ducking (see below)
  • Movies
    FotoMagico 3.0 adds support for QuickTime movies. Add a movie clip directly to your slideshow. Movies can be animated just like regular image slides. Since in and out points can be set for a movie clip, editing a clip in an external movie editor before importing it into FotoMagico is not necessary
  • Record Narration
    FotoMagico 3 now lets you record narration directly in the application, while the slideshow is playing. You can even change the duration of the slides as you are speaking. Recording narration is only available in FotoMagico Pro
  • Instant Slideshow Assistant
    A new assistant helps you put together attractive slideshows with just a few clicks. Create a new document with a few images and a song. Then launch the Instant Slideshow Assistant, choose from several options, and press OK. The assistant will automatically format all the slides in an appealing way. You can further customize the settings however you like
  • Audio Ducking
    When ducking is turned on for an audio item or a movie, the volume of all other audio that is currently played is lowered by a given percentage. This feature helps to ensure that the music is lowered while a narrator is speaking. Audio ducking is only available in FotoMagico Pro
  • Export to iPad
    Bring your magic to the iPad with the new export preset that creates a movie optimized for display on the iPad
  • Final Cut Plugin
    Quickly create stunning backgrounds, intros and b-roll using your photos. Animating stills becomes a fun activity with the bundled FxFactory Plug-In for Final Cut Pro, Motion and Adobe After Effects. The Plugin is only available in FotoMagico Pro
  • Improved Storyboard
    The Storyboard has been completely rewritten and now offers improved selection and drag & drop behavior. New in-place editing functionality as well as in-place warnings and notes are available to speed up the authoring process. Organize your content in Chapters and use them for DVD submenus in iDVD and Toast. Support for Chapters is only available in FotoMagico Pro
  • FotoMagico Remote
    A fullscreen presentation can now be remotely controlled with the FotoMagico Remote for iPhone & iPod touch. FotoMagico Remote is available separately at the App Store in iTunes

Minimum System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard or newer
  • A Mac Intel processor, with 1GB RAM or more
  • Recommended: A graphics card with a minimum of 64MB VRAM, 128 or more

FotoMagico has technology built in to scale with the hardware, but results will degrade as less video memory is available. When running on an older machine, especially with low video memory, slideshows will look more blurry and timing will be less exact.

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